Meridian Bird Removal solves nuisance bird problems for businesses by removing birds in a fast, effective and safe manner. Meridian’s Bird Removal Technicians deploy patented capture gear and a proven process unlike anything else on the market.

Based in Christiansburg, Virginia, Meridian began in 2010 as a general wildlife control company. The company soon saw the opportunity in the market for solving nuisance bird problems but also the frustration customers had with them. Meridian began to focus exclusively on birds and the business started to grow more rapidly. We now solve nuisance bird issues for businesses in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
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Is this the right team for me?

More than anything, we want you to be happy here so we want you to know what working at Meridian Bird Removal's like. In this video, our CEO gives some background on where we're headed as a business, and our team shares what's good (and hard) about working here.

The Importance Of Core Values

Every Meridian Bird Removal employee is extensively vetted, ensuring a high level of training and an enthusiasm for Meridian's core values. These core values have helped Meridian grow from a small, dedicated company serving Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic to a national company serving all fifty United States, and its territories.

Eagerly Optimistic

We cannot wait to get to our next assignment. We visualize the adventure and see ourselves victorious. Our team members absolutely love what they do. No matter what the challenge, we are there well before the sun comes up, ready to get the job done. 

Humbly Confident

Our team members possess a deep appreciation for the unpredictability of our work. Wild birds are anything but predictable. We, as a company, take this very seriously. Our preparation, equipment, training and methodology take this to heart. We know that much could go wrong at any given moment. Never underestimate your opponent.

Adapt and Overcome

Creative thinking and problem solving are traits that are required nearly every day on our job sites. Unlike treating bugs and mice, birds inside a store present a wide variety of challenges. The ability for our team members to adapt to unique circumstances and devise viable strategies to overcome whatever obstacles they encounter is a fundamental value they all possess. 

Commitment to Capture

The mental aspect of this job is something that cannot be taught. Our team members are neither easily discouraged nor apt to cut and run when things get tough. Staying "in the game" mentally is over 50% of the battle. This value transcends much of the skill, physical traits, age and other variables common to our diverse team. All of us have this and it is a huge factor in our success. 

Be Above the Bar

We are achievement oriented. We do not settle for just good enough or doing things half way. We set big expectations for ourselves and for the company. We push ourselves and encourage each other to exceed expectations. This includes everything from how we operate the business to how we manage ourselves. We strive to "run the day" versus "letting the day run you." We are persistent in seeking to put our most professional foot forward with respect to our customers. 

Help First

We see this play out lots of ways in our company culture. Some may observe it as Above and Beyond, Servant Leadership, Going the Extra Mile, Do a Good Turn Daily or Love Thy Neighbor. We honestly want to help people however and whenever we can regardless of whether it is our "job" or we get "paid" to do it. Our people RECOGNIZE others in need and ACT immediately to assist. 

“Meridian Bird Removal has the most supportive management and coworkers in the world. Advancement in the company comes naturally along with promotions. I always feel valued and I love what I do. This is a great job for those who are clever, love wildlife, and can work well both independently and with others.”


We work hard, but we also know you have a family, friends, hobbies, and a life outside the office. That’s why we offer a great benefits package, not just a competitive salary.

Time - Off Plans and Employee Adventures

Unwind and recharge! We take employee well-being seriously, offering a time off policy alongside exclusive employee events.  These getaways can help you recharge with unforgettable experiences, all while connecting with your teammates.

Flexible Working Environment

Thrive in a work-life balance that works for you! We understand that everyone's best work schedule looks different. That's why we offer a flexible work environment with options like remote work. This allows you to be productive when you're at your best, while maintaining a healthy balance between your work and personal life.


We offer medical, dental, and vision coverage to both full-time and part-time employees, helping you prioritize your health and peace of mind, regardless of your work schedule.

401k Plan

Plan for future adventures and invest in yourself with our competitive 401(k) plan. We empower you to take control of your retirement savings with pre-tax contributions that reduce your taxable income today, while our potential company match program helps your nest egg grow even faster.

Growth Opportunities

Don't just grow, take flight! We invest in our people by providing opportunities for continuous learning and development.  Through training programs, skills development, and internal job postings, we empower you to grow your expertise and pursue career paths that excite you. 

We Embrace New Adventures Daily

Discover what a few of our employees have to share about 
their experience at Meridian!
“I was called in to catch what was described as a "baby hawk" and walked into a store to find an American Kestrel! The bird was extremely curious and even landed on my gear in the rafters while I was setting up. Once the net was fully up it ended up being a very quick and easy capture.”
Katie Teeter, Training Team Leader
“Travel makes up a large portion of the BRT position. The best part of traveling for me is the adventure in finding new places to explore along the way.”
Tyler Trotter, BRT - 3

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